Meubelmaker/ontwerper Annette van Citters


Altar cabinet

Cabinet on wheels for Nalanda Monastry, France.


Sycamore, walnut


Altar cabinet

Big cabinet for main practice hall of Kadam Choling, Haarlem.

Build according to the instructions of Dagpo Rinpochee.


Cherry wood.

Approx. 7 meters wide and 2.7 meters high

Alter Cabinet (detail)

Pull-out plancks for extra offerings.

Water-bowl light offering

Small device with multicolored lights for the practice of waterbowl offering.


Choice of woods : cherry, walnut, beech, sycamore, bamboo

Mirror planck

Various designs and wood choices

Lights around stupa

Led lights with changing color option.


Stupa profided by Nalanda Monastery, France.

Big house altar

Fully illuminated house altar. 


Comes in all sizes and choices of wood.

Corner house altar

Corner piece, with build in lights for water bowl offering.


Bamboo, sycamore, glass

Corner house altar (detail)

Tara house

Made of hardwood to beat the elements.


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